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Applications are currently closed

The application period begins at the start of each semester. Follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn to stay updated!

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Recruitment Process

To become a BSCC member, each candidate must pass a 3-step admission process that is run twice a year.

Job interview

Cover Letter and CV

 In this very first step of the application, we get to know the candidate from an objective standpoint. ​We are looking for keen interest in consulting and entrepreneurial spirit. Previous internships in consulting are not necessary. ​CVs should be in an appropriate format for a consulting job application. In the Cover Letter try to answer the questions "Why BSCC" and "Why Consulting" in 200-350 words.


Personal Fit

This 30-minutes interview represents for us a great occasion to get to know the candidate, understand its motivations and leadership experiences.​


The candidate has the chance to meet 5 of our members so to have a more complete overview of the BSCC.

Young Businesswomen

Business Case

In this step, the candidate will face a business scenario so to make us understand its problem-solving approach, its strategic understanding and the ability to provide insightful recommendations.​


No specific industry knowledge is required.

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