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Our Alumni

1 out of 5 currently working in MBB

50% currently working in Top Consulting firms, IB, PE, and Big Tech

Sophia L. (2017)

Current employer: McKinsey

“BSCC gave me the opportunity to practice market sizing and casing. It was also a great way to learn about the management consulting industry and gain access to preparation material."

Annik F. (2021)

Current employer: Bain & Company

"BSCC helped me connect with people I could practice with and that had knowledge about the selection process in consulting firms. The name BSCC itself is a statement on the CV."

Ludovica R. (2018)

Current employer: Blackstone

"BSCC allowed me to build an important professional network. I was able to establish connections with headhunters and employers.

Joerg M. (2017)

Current employer: BCG

"Trainings and company visits helped tremendously in preparation for job interviews"

Giulia M. (2020)

Current employer: Accenture

"BSCC helped me with case preparation, networking and branding. I was interviewed by an MD that knew BSCC and recognized it as a valuable asset."

Lucrezia V. (2019)

Current emplouyer: Hello Fresh

"BSCC had a big influence on my career. It helped me realize that I did not want to go into consulting but rather in product management. It was also a great way to make close friends.
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